Thanks to all for your help and encouragement and the great response at the Oregon State Fair.  I'm so excited about my new website and being able to share with you.  Love and appreciation to all!
Jessie E Turner
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Soap Bubbles and Butterfly Nets
by Jessie E Turner

Deep down inside, I'm still the little girl that I was then.
Reminiscent hide and seek brings her racing back again,
And paints a child's impression; faintly as a soap bubble.
Soap bubbles pop when touched, and yet, that's why they're wonderful!

Deep down inside, I'm still the little girl with wondering,
And all the big wide world can do is paint a shell, a grown-up ring
Around the little girl; nearly concealing my secret:
I'll always try to catch sunshine with a butterfly net.
Jessie Turner is deeply committed to preserving heritage.
She has been with the Aurora Colony Historical Society since 2002 teaching pioneer living skills and has had the opportunity to touch the lives of over 18,000 students.  
Jessie has been teaching tatting for nearly thirty years and has developed a "five-minute-introduction-to-tatting" lesson that demystifies the process.
She works to preserve her own family history by recording the stories in fact and sometimes in whimsy.
She learned as a teenager to weave human hair wigs -- an art passed down for five generations in her family.
Soft sculptured doll inspired by her mother's childhood.
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Great Grandfather (center) in his garage.
Sharing her knowledge
   of stories and skills 
      of yesteryear is 
     Jessie's passion.

Jessie E Turner will be at the 
2011Oregon State Fair at the
     Oregon Authors Table.
Stop by for a free tatting lesson!