The Aurora Colony with Jessie E Turner
How is Cloth Made?
This is a picture of a loom.  It is set up for making a rug.  
A loom like this could also be used for making cloth.

Look at the pedals near the floor.  Only two (the raised ones) are hooked up to do weaving.  This setup will make the simplest weaving pattern.

When a pedal is pressed with the weaver's foot, a harness raises and pulls half of the strings up.
A shuttle passes between the raised and low strings.  The pedal is then released.
The second pedal raises the other half of the strings.  The shuttle is then passed through in the opposite direction.

The new weaving rows are tamped to compact the weaving.

Row by row the cloth or rug is made.
Click on the image to see it enlarged.
Above, a woven rug rests beside an Aurora Colony bed.
Would you like to see the attic at the Stauffer-Will Farmstead?
Here it is after volunteers cleaned it up.