I love this antique collar.  I have enjoyed wearing it and showing it off, but the threads are beginning to wear.   Before it is damaged any further, I am going to preserve and frame it.

At the 2009 Oregon State Fair I decided to duplicate this collar so I will be able to enjoy the original and still have one to wear for years to come.

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Antique Collar Reproduction
This is the original collar.
Click on images below to enlarge.
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Here we have the first ring (top), the second round and the third round.  To this point all work is done with the shuttle thread.
The fourth round (rings and chains) is made with shuttle thread and ball thread.  At this point I have joined three motifs and I have four more to complete.  At the top of the image, you see part of the original collar.
I'm so excited!  This is the fourth motif attached November 5, 2009!  Only three more to go! 
By November 22nd I had joined all seven motifs and was adding the next-to-the-last row.
The final row is made with the shuttle thread.

I deviated from the original pattern because the rings in the final row of the reproduction collar were too small to allow the piece to lay flat. 

   I entered my collar in the 2010 Oregon State Fair

     and won first place in the professional division!

       See the
  and the finished
    piece below!

I completed the collar on November 28th 2009!
Award winner!