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Aurora Colony Museum.

Known as the Tatting Guru

Aurora Colony Historical Society's Stauffer-Will Farm staff member
Award Winning Public Speaker
Inspirational and 
Jessie E Turner
Jessie answers kids' questions about life in the 1800s in the Aurora Colony
Jessie de-mystifies the art of making tatted lace
Is Anybody Buried   in the  Cellar?
Learn the answer in this book.
The barn at the Stauffer-Will farm is being restored.
You can help to preserve this historic building where many  hands-on activities bring history alive for 4th graders.
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"That was one of the most best field trips ever.  You made it really come to life, and made us feel like we were really there."  Noelle
"We thank you for the extreem activities."        Eliseo
"I was able to take a trip back to the 1800s and learn about stuff that is old to you and many people, but new to me."  Sarah
This is what students say:
"Yeeee haaaaa thank you!  We had a repsnorten good time."      (unsigned)
  Clear instructions, lots of pictures   With Jessie's book, you can learn to tat